Why Are Key Words So Important?

This blog post is a critical investment of time for any business owner to read through and understand what makes a good ad campaign great. Great ad campaigns start with deep diving into research and developing keywords that will strategically work for your campaign, that in end will create thousands of impressions and keep your click through rate low so you can target more clients and get better conversions that will lead to more sales throughout your Ad campaign.

The way we like to explain it is, if nobody is searching for what you’re writing about, you won’t get traffic from Google—no matter how hard you try. Keyword research is the process of understanding the language your target customers use when searching for your products, services, and content. Keywords are the foundation of SEO. 

An example of a keyword

Keywords are the words and phrases that people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for. For example, if you were looking to buy a new jacket, you might type something like “men’s leather jacket” into Google. Even though that phrase consists of more than one word, it’s still a keyword.

Selecting a good keyword

Seems simple right, unfortunately without using proper data and research it can leads to poor results or not work at all. Your target keywords need to meet four criteria — significant search volume, high relevance, strong conversion value, and reasonable competition. If any of these are missing, your SEO is likely to fizzle.

Getting strategic with search volume

Now that you’ve discovered relevant search terms for your site and their corresponding search volumes, you can get even more strategic by looking at your competitors and figuring out how searches might differ by season or location.

Great ideas that help

  • Questions – is social media marketing dead? is social media marketing worth it? is social media marketing effective?
  • Prepositions -guide to social media marketing, help with social media marketing, problems with social media marketing
  • Comparisons – social media marketing vs digital marketing, social media marketing vs traditional marketing, social media marketing and SEO

Small details that make a big difference when creating keywords

Inputting your search term with the added punctuation will change the traffic volume for Global and Local Monthly Searches based on the approximation of traffic that a keyword gets on Google.

  • Broad – The sum of the search volumes for the keyword idea, related grammatical forms, synonyms, and related words. If you were doing PPC and targeted the broad match for social media, ads would show with any searches including social or media. Organic results would include the same.
  • [Exact] The search volume for that keyword idea. If you were doing PPC and targeted the exact match for social media, ads would only show if someone typed in social media but not any other variation of that phrase.
  • “Phrase” – The sum of the search volumes for all terms that include that whole phrase. If you were doing PPC and targeted the phrase match for pizza dough, ads would show for anyone who typed in social media, with or without additional keywords such as social media marketing or about social media. Organic results would include only results including the exact phrase social media.

We know this can be a lot of information for a business owner and the stress of trying to get something this important can be quite a hassle. Don’t worry because Maxclix has put a lot of thought and consideration into helping client alleviate this issue and create compelling ads that are sure to attract new business and raise awareness for our clients. Maxclix offers 3 different types of marketing packages that do extensive keyword research and planning to ensure your ad campaign has the best results possible.

For all service plans and options see below

What terms are people searching for?

People, People, people, how do we connect them to your Ad is the million-dollar question. You may have a way of describing what you do, but how does your audience search for the product, service, or information you provide? Answering this question is a crucial first step in the keyword research process.

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